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       Tropical Express Carriage Company
         Tours, Sightseeing, Pub Crawls, Wedding Rides

"Relax and Enjoy the Ride!"  


How To Locate Us At "the Franklin Shops"

Please follow the Steps Below:

1. Click on "Get Directions" on the MAP BELOW.

2. You have several options after you have completed the first step:

    a. Type in your location in Box A to get directions to our location from your    

        location OR . . .

    b. Click on "My Places" and then scroll down the directions below to "My Saved 

        Places" and click on the box. The map will change on your right and allow you 

        to see the routes.  Click on each street off the directions and you will see the

         route flow on the map OR . . .

    c. Right click the Marker (Letter B) on the Map (this is our location, at 2200 First

        Street, the Franklin Shops) OR . . .

    d. Look Back to the Top Left of the screen and then click on "Get Directions" from

        the box or Click on the image of "the Franklin Shops."   



2200 First Street, Fort Myers, Fl 33901